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Classic Equine Horse Stable blanket sheet by Cashel

Price: $129.95
  • Horse tack: Classic equine horse sheet
  • Western Tack: horse blanket
  • Item #: BKT-CEB42
  • Condition: New
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Horse Stable Blanket by Classic Equine

horse sheet

* Front closure features elastic inserts that allow the blanket to give in the front for flexion

* 420 Denier Nylon

* 300 grams of Fiberfill insulation

* 70 Denier Nylon lining

* Knight Vision reflective tape

* Contoured back

* fleece withers

* Shoulder darts to prevent rubbing.

* Surcingles are designed for leg straps

* Nylon belly strap and replaceable nylon let straps

Sizes are by horse blanket sizing




* SMALL= 74-76

* MED= 77-79"

* LARGE= 80-82"

* XLARGE= 83"- 85"


THE WILD COWBOY will not sell any items that are not horse tested and horse approved.

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