Kakadu brand Oilskin chaps - Black or Brown

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  • Kakadu brand: Kakadu chaps
  • oilskin: Australia oilskin chaps
  • Western wear: western chaps
  • Item #: 7p33
  • Condition: New
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Kakadu Australia brand Oilskin chaps

  • 3xl in BLACK ONLY 
  • thigh measurements is 26-27"
  • waist is 48-55" with side elastic and many holes in the belt


  • Nylon wick lined
  • Trim-to-fit leg length
  • fitted leg with full length zip opening
  • padded waistband
  • non scratch pocket
  • adjustable belt waist
  • Front belt straps that pull closed with D rings
  • nylon wick lined for easy slip
  • 37.5" inseam
  • Waterproof
  • Ventilator chaps
  • Light weight but rugged
  • Snap down side storm cover to keep out the wet
  • 12 oz Cotton Microwax
  • 100% cotton. Microwax
  • Color: Black or Brown

These are made long, and leg length will get longer as you go up in size. These are ok to be cut off if need be.

THESE ARE VERY POPULAR AND ALWAYS SOLD OUT. LIMITED SIZES AND COLORS IN STOCK.  Please allow 7-10 days for delivery on sizes listed as on BACK ORDER.

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