This Brown Oilskin hood attachment is made from Kakadu traders and will fit their oilskin dusters
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Oilskin hood attachment for Kakadu dusters

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BROWN Attachment for all Oilskin jackets and dusters.

  • This detachable hood is for when it gets really wet, so if it rains for 9 months of the year and drips off the trees for the other 3 than this hood is a must.
  • To attach it simple, all you need is one of our Kakadu drover  jackets or coats to attach it to. The style numbers are 5J05, 5O01, 3O02, 2O10, 4J02. These styles have the detachable snap on capes, so to attach the hood you only have to place the hood loops that are at the bottom of the hood, unattach the first right side cape snap and place the hood loop between the snap then re close the snap. continue onto the next snap and repeat the process until all 4 loops are connected

* Made of 100% Canvas
* Microwax oilskin
* Waterproof hood


2O10, 5J05,  4J02, 3O02
- Long Rider
1032 - Traditional drover, Brown or Black
5001- Iron Bark Trench coat

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