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ANY & ALL Personal information is NEVER shared or sold!  We also DO NOT have access to any payment information. We do not share or use your phone # or email address for any other reason then to contact YOU about YOUR order.

The Wild Cowboy ® has been in business, online for over 20 years now.  We are located in Apple Valley Calif, USA. Our customer service is available Online or via PHONE [760]946-2822 Mon-Fri. 9am to 4pm [Pacific standard time]  Online orders are 24/7 

FOR OUR SHIPPING INFO, please click on the SHIPPING INFO .   We have a 30 day money back guarantee. Please read complete Return policy for full information.

 Please Double check your email address for accuracy.  We often receive contact requests with invalid emails and are unable to respond. 

IF YOU GET a FORBIDDEN message saying "you don't have permission to access/ on this server"   This error appears when your browser has not been updated.  Simply update your browser and this error will be resolved.  You can also clear your cash and cookies

If you have placed an order with us, please include that Order number and full name as listed on the order so we may assist you.

**NOTE** When filling in the PHONE NUMBER on the bellow form If you enter (for example) 760-946-2822 it will say "invalid phone number".  When entering in your phone number, please type it in with NO SPACES OR DASHES, Like this;  7609462822



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