LONG- Turquoise Stone Snip toe Silver cowboy boot tips

Product Info

LONG narrow tips- Turquoise Stone Snip toe Silver cowboy boot tips. These tips are angled outward a bit.

the actual “tip” size= 5/8″W x 1/2″ TALL

  • Measure the tip from top to bottom, then go straight back
  • Vine design area= 1 5/8″TALL x 1″ wide
  • Turquoise Stone=3/8″w x 7/16″L (OVAL)
  • EACH SIDE OF THIS TIP= 2″ long (going back)
  • BACK END(opening going across)= 1-3/4″
  • back end can be bent to close in tighter or a tad wider if needed

Alpaca Silver with Turquoise stone

  • Fits Smaller long narrow tips
  • Turquoise Stone
  • Vine design with blackened background
  • Rope edges
  • Comes with the screws for mounting
  • 1 each = 1 pair


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